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Jain Dictionary

Welcome to Jainkosh.org. This site has Jainendra Sidhant Kosh - the Jain Dictionary available in the digital form. Now you can search for any Jainism word to understand it, find the authentic reference.


Granths (Scriptures)

Original scriptures are digitized for easy reading online. This also enables you to search for any particular topic, word. Explore the granths to attain right knowledge.


Study Material / Notes

Study material on Pathshala Chapters, Chhahdhala, Gommatsaar, Tattvarth Sutra. Nicely prepared in Powerpoint presentation format.


Audio Lectures

Find audio lectures on Jain Granths


Video Lectures

Video lectures of Gommatsaar Jeevkand, Karmkand and others.


Online Class

We have daily online Jain classes in morning and evening. Currently we're having class on Tattvarth Sutra for young Jains. Videos of this class is available at Youtube channel JainKosh Channel. You can also join via Zoom app. There are more online classes for Kids, Young. Please visit YJSG Online Classes to get more details of all running classes.


Jain Games

Jain Games now available at your Mobile. Innovative and fun games to entertain and learn Jainism.

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